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More About Me

I was born in the north-east of Scotland in October 2000, and received my first keyboard at the age of two. I wrote my first simple tune at the age of three.

I was a member of my school choir all the way from the ages of 7 - 17, and was in the school band from S1 (Year 7) to S6 (Year 13). In S5 (Year 12), I composed & performed a 4-part piece for piano, trumpet, clarinet and cello with a few of my classmates, which earned me an award through my school.
I also earned a number of qualifications through school. To see more about those, click the button at the bottom of the page, or 'Qualifications' in the menu above.

My mother and my grandfather used to run a successful covers band that performed in the north-east of Scotland, and throughout my teens I would often step in whenever my mother couldn't make a gig. I also enjoy singing and writing my own songs.

I've just graduated from uni with a first-degree honours, Bachelor of Popular Music. I run my own YouTube channel, Caitybeldy Music, and am also involved in a couple of amateur video game projects.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing table-top roleplaying games online, working on my original music for my YouTube, drawing my Dungeons & Dragons characters, and visiting my family in Scotland during term breaks.

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