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Short Jingle

For a very simple tune of a minute or less, to be used in advertisements, YouTube intros, or other purposes.


Simple Song

Lasting five minutes or less, with five instruments on it or less.


Cinematic Track

Lasting five minutes or less, but featuring as many instruments as required, allowing for orchestral or more full-sounding tracks.


Character Package

A character theme of roughly three to four minutes but without limit to the number of instruments, as well as A3 custom artwork of your character.



For if your track requires speech, voice effects, or singing.


Source Files Included

The base project files, MIDI files, and any audio clips used for your track shall be shared with you along with the final audio file of your track.


Sheet Music

For both complete and part scores of your track.


Mailing of Sheet Music or Artwork

Currently only accepting mail orders from the EU and the USA. Will be posted 2nd class, taking three to five business days to arrive.

Price Guide

These prices are only estimates, and subject to negotiation.

Contact me for further information.

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